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A note from Lee Nelson:

The attached photo was taken at the exact spot where we will be camping. This is one of the spots where I (Lee Nelson) camp on my Outlaw Trail rides. On Thursday, I will take those who are mounted to an authentic Butch Cassidy hideout, about a 15-mile ride into the Badland Cliffs. On Friday we will ride into wild horse country, visiting another outlaw hideout, and the best preserved mustang trap I have ever seen, also about a 15-mile jaunt, taking most of the day, and ending down a knife-back trail off the Flat Iron Mesa that will take your breath away. I could do the Cassidy hideout ride again on Saturday if we don't have enough horse flesh for everyone who wants to go on Thursday's or Friday's rides.

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Links to Nine-Mile Canyon

Here are several websites with information and pictures of Nine-Mile Canyon.  For those who want to do more research, do a google search of    < "nine mile canyon" + utah > .  You will come up with a lot of sites and information.  Some of the more interesting include:





More to come . . . .