Bob Hill - Munich Branch 1958-60


My email note of June 12, 2013 to several Munich Branch alumni:


To my Munich Branch Friends:
I'm sorry to pass along the news that Bob Hill, who attended the Munich Branch from 1958-1960, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly Sunday morning. 
It was quite a shock as several of us had been planning to meet at Bob's place in Colorado Springs for a little mini-reunion later this year.  All seemed normal with him the last time we talked.  I suppose we are all getting to the age where we can expect this kind of news, but it still leaves us with a great sense of loss.  Buzz Meiser, whom most of you also knew and who is also in the pictures below, passed away in 2011.
In keeping with Bob's wishes, there will be no public funeral but only a private, family-only service. 
I received the following email from Connie who later said that I could share it with you:
Hi Kent and Keena;

It is with great regret that I tell you of Bobís passing this morning.  He was well and his optimistic self as far as we all knew, and many of us had spoken to him Friday or Saturday, but according to the hospital he had sepsis, caused by some infection.  They did detect pneumonia in his lungs.

He was taken to the hospital last night with difficulty breathing and a very low blood pressure that medicine couldnít improve.  He declined all extenuating measures to keep him alive and he died within a few hours of arriving.

It is how he wanted to go, and he was always ready to go, knowing with all his being that the afterlife is wonderful.  That gives me comfort at times.  Lindsay arrives from San Francisco soon, and the other daughters will follow.

Love, Connie


P.S. I thought the following pictures might rekindle some memories

Student Council, 1959-60. Bob is third from right


"Typical Student Council Meeting"  :-)    Bob is on the far right.


Men's dorm council 1959-60.  Bob seated at right.



And an update a few days later:


For those interested, here's an update to my 6/12/13 email about Bob's passing.

1) From Connie:

Bob had requested only a family gathering to scatter his ashes, but he left such a hole here on earth, many requested a service for closure. The Celebration of Life for Bob will be at the Colorado Springs Country Club this coming Saturday. 

We know many of you wonít be able to attend but know that you are welcomed. We know your thoughts are with us.

Would you all pass this information along? Here is the information and registration site:

If at all possible, help us by registering soon. 



2) Bob's obituary has been published in the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph as follows:

     From the above link, you can view and/or sign the guest book

3) Some responses so far:

From Brett Pechuls:
Sad news about Bob.
Thanks for keeping us informed.
You are right about us "getting to that age"
Our high school class is having annual reunions now because we are losing so many classmates every year.
Are there mini or full scale Munich reunions planned for this year or next ?

From Pat Chapman Meder
I was so sorry to receive this. 
I know that you have kept pretty close contact with Bob over the years and that news was so unexpected. I have not seen him since Munich days but your photos did rekindle memories. As you said, at our age, we should begin to expect news like this - but we don't. And it is sad.

From Barry Borella
Thank you for passing that sad news along. I haven't seen Bob since leaving the U of Md in Munich, but I remember him very well as a very nice guy and a solid citizen. We did correspond briefly with respect to the coming reunion, and was hoping we'd have a chance to get together. 
Thanks for including the photos. Those were some great days with wonderful people.

From Linda Meiser:
This is shocking--I was just thinking of Bob this morning because of the wildfires near Colorado Springs and wondered how he was faring. I must say that Buzz would certainly envy the speed with which he passed. We will all remember him. I will never forget his arriving at Buzz's boarding house in his Hudson! How much fun the skiing trips were too!

From George Park:
Very sad to learn about the sudden and unexpected death of Bob Hill. Although I haven't kept in touch with Munich Branch classmates to the extent you have, it is no less a shock to learn that another one has gone. I remember him most from some of our ski trips. The one that comes to mind (if my memory is correct) is our trip to Marmolada in the Dolomites. I think Bob was one of the few who spoke a bit of Italian which was useful at the inn where we were staying. The picture you sent also reminded me of the many dorm council meetings which we all attended including Bob. 
If you have the opportunity please convey my sympathy and condolences to his wife and family. 

From Heinz Gaylord:
Sorry to hear about Bob- quite a surprise since we are all round the same age- I tried calling him last night about the fires- Julie and I plan to be in Westcliffe, CO again this July and August. Hope the rest of you are in good health.

From Guy DeCarlo
I am totally shocked. I just chatted with him via e mail a few days ago. We talked about getting all of us together this summer. Let me know if you have any details. Stay well.

From Jud Heriot
Lynne and I were deeply saddened at Bob's passing. It was just several summers ago when Bob played host for a Munich mini-reunion. And it was just last August when I came through Colorado and spent an evening with Bob over drinks and sushi. We remember Bob as a gracious host, an outgoing personality, and a person who was damned intent to live life the way he wanted to. He pulled people together, and his energy and spirit will be missed.
We are presently out of the country and will be unable to join you on Saturday. 
Our deep-felt sympathy to Bob's family and friends,
Jud and Lynne


4)  I thought you might be interested in an additional picture with Bob.  This was taken by Brett Pechuls with my camera on a trolley on our way back from the Oktoberfest in 1959.  Shown are: Carmen Meacham Fisher, Kent Price, Lee McAfferty, Bob Hill, Toni Herbes.  This picture was later used in a collage on the covers of Circe Olson Woessner's books, Bavarian Creme and Noch Eins.