Please let us know the probability of your attending our coming reunion on May 18, 19 and 20, 2011 in Salt Lake City

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E-mail to: or

Mail it to: Kent Price, 2344 Valley Drive, Eagle Mountain, UT  84005,  or

Fax it to:  801-768-2607

Or call Kent at 801-768-2608 with any comments, questions or suggestions you may have.


First Name (include any nickname):  _________________________________

Last Name at K-Town                    _________________________________

Current Last Name (if different):      _________________________________      

Address:    _____________________________________


Home Phone:    ______________________   

Cell Phone: _____________________ 

Other phone: ___________________

Preferred e-mail: ______________________________

Class Year (graduation) ______  What year(s) did you attend KAHS?  __________

Probability of attending the reunion:

_____ Very High

_____ High

_____ About 50/50

_____ Low

_____ Very Low or None

I would be accompanied by ____ spouse and/or guest(s)

I would probably:

_____ Drive to Salt Lake and have a car while there

_____ Fly to Salt Lake and rent a car

_____ Fly to Salt Lake but not have a car while there

and would:

_____ Stay at the Plaza Hotel

_____ Have other accomodations

I would be interested in the following group activities

_____ Golf on Wednesday afternoon

_____ City tour of Salt Lake on Thursday Morning

_____ Tabernacle Choir rehearsal Thursday Evening

_____ Banquet on Friday Evening




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