Welcome to Kent & Keena Price's subsite for

Boston 1967-69


This page is intended to be a resource for our friends and associates whom we knew during our delightful two year stay in Boston while Kent was attending the Harvard Business School and Keena was finishing her RN certification.


One of the purposes of this site is to facilitate contact among our group and so we are including some contact information for many of you.  To avoid automated harvesting of this data through "spidering" or "phishing," we are not putting a hyperlink to the rest of this site.   To continue, simply add the word "full" to the URL address of this page and press "Enter."  This works something like a password but allows you to save the new address in your favorites file if you want to return frequently. 


If this does not work for you, please give me a call (801-768-2608) or drop me an email ( kent@kprice.com ).